What's New in the Library?

As of September 2016, the Library will have been running for SEVEN years! We thank God for all lthe books that have been donated, and for volunteers who have given their time to support the Library. Especial thanks to those who helped me keep the monthly Saturday openings during January-July 2016. but July 30th will be the last of these. We remain open by appointment.

Please pray that God will bring new people in to help re-open the Library and to be encouraged in their walk with God through our books. We also pray that He will send enthusiastic volunteers with IT skills to set up a database and publicise the Library.

Jim Moore, July 2016

Recent Library Publicity

This powerpoint presentation explains
the Library in 11 slides. Why not show it
in your church?
http://www.cushycms.com/temporary_uploads/162059/East London Christian Library Update Jan2013.ppt