Christian People

As you walk into our church, you are welcomed by 9 bookcases full of life stories of Christians (Biographies and Autobiographies), as well as some collected writings/ sermons/ letters and books by established Christian authors. At over 1,600 books, I'm sure we have the largest collection of Christian Biographies in East London!

This is a great place to start if you do not often read, or find reading difficult. Many biographies read like novels, and you can learn a lot from other people's lives - either those with experiences like yours, or those living in very different situations. We are sure you'll find a book here that will catch your attention, and we pray that not only will you enjoy reading it, but that God will teach and encourage you through it.

I find these books great for reading on the tube to work, and as well as being enjoyable to read, they are often a source of encouragement and spiritual instruction. Why not aim to read at least ONE biography this year? Maybe you will get hooked!

A view of some of this section (before re-decoration):

We have books about CS Lewis, Joni Eareckson, Jonathan Edwards, Martin Luther, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Billy Graham, John Bunyan, Helen Roseveare, William Wilberforce, John Newton, William Booth, Gladys Aylward and many others.